Why Not Learn Some Knots

Learn useful cowboy knots

Join Marty Gardner of Flattop Horsemanship as he explains and teaches you these 6 commonly used Knots in Cowboy Culture,

The Rope Halter Knot
The Lead Shank Quick Release Knot
The Bowline Knot
The Square Scarf Knot
The Mustache Tail Knot
The Matthew Walker Knot

"Finally, after so many years of trying to learn these knots, I was able to understand and actually learn them because of the way the knots were presented and filmed"
Thank you so much. Ann Dumond

6 Cowboy Knots
Join Marty Gardner of Flattop Horsemanship as he teaches you to tie 6 very useful knots used in Cowboy culture.

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For over 30+years Marty Gardner has been a fastidious student of the horse. His relentless pursuit of horsemanship has built a mastery of vast understanding of the horse through a diverse portfolio of disciplines.


   Marty’s mentorship approach comes from a genuine desire to share his knowledge and experience with respect, trust, understanding and empathy. As a mentor to his students, he is able to share his life experiences and wisdom, as well as technical expertise in a supportive, individualized and results-driven environment, where his student’s accomplishments with their horse/s is limited only by the extent of their determination.